We make it easy to store, send, and swap Grin.

Vault713 builds open source solutions that make it easy for users and businesses alike to get up and running with Grin and make the most out of the technology.

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Transact easily through relays

Send funds to unique addresses that are not published on-chain, and do not require transacting parties to be online at the same time.

Buy & Sell using Atomic Swaps

Trade Grin without the relying on centralised exchanges, and without entrusting third parties with your funds and personal information.

Stay private with aggregation

Mix your transactions with those of other users before they are broadcasted to the blockchain, to make tracing more difficult.


A Swiss Army knife for Grin.

Store grin safely, send transactions, manage your balances, and access other vault713 services.

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Developer & Enterprise solutions


Integrate trustless P2P Atomic Swaps between Grin and Bitcoin. Trade without entrusting others with your personal details or funds.


Host your own federated transaction relay that facilitates Grin transaction building. Keep your data protected and remain fully independent.


Handle transacting at scale with payment batching, one-to-many transaction building, without locking your outputs.

Need something else?

We can tailor specific solutions to fit your needs.

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We are a team of experienced engineers, cryptographers, and product designers, who value privacy and embrace open source development. We created vault713 to contribute to the Grin community and improve protocol adoption.

We organize the Grin London meetup and publish Grin News - the best resource for weekly updates on Grin & Mimblewimble.

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We’re looking for seasoned engineers who are not intimidated by Rust and believe that privacy is a fundamental right and that inviduals should have unrestricted access to their own money.

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